Unlimited creativity

You can create Learning map as if you would draw on paper.
Your creativity makes each Learning map unique.

VIDEO - How Learning map can be created?


Deliver through

  • Your website or blog

    The quickest way to share a Learning map is to send map's link to your students or embed the map to your website or blog.

  • Your LMS

    Your Learning Map is yours. Literally. Export it from Edynco and import it into your prefered LMS as a SCORM or TIN CAN package.

  • Mobile devices

    Are your students learning with tablets? Learning maps play well on iPads or Android devices due to HTML5 technology.

Diverse attachments

Learning map is a gateway to relevant learning materials.

  • Video

  • Quiz

  • Micro lecture

  • Web Link

  • Image

  • Embed code

  • ...


special tools integrated

which enhance a Learning map.


Quiz creator

The freedom of creating an online Quiz is guaranteed.

Each Quiz question has an endless space to be filled in with text, images or videos. You decide where to place the components.

Insert video and check for understanding
Record voice narration or video with Edynco Micro Lecture editor

Audio / Video recorder

Record short lectures on the basis of your PowerPoint or image slides.

All you need is microphone or webcam and you’re ready for recording voice narration or video over the slides.

And there is more

which makes Edynco a perfect solution for your Blended learning.


Private groups

Invite your students in a secure online learning environment and share Learning maps with your students privately.

Add different learning materials to the course
Let students create their own Learning maps

Let students create their own Learning maps

The highest learning outcome is reached when students create their own Learning maps. And this can happen inside the "Assignments" module.

Communication is provided

Communication among group members is provided via forums or private messaging system (like email).

You can even post an important message on the noticeboard.

Communication is provided
Track activity of your learners

"Activity index" - simplified analytics

Different students' activity data are collected and presented by the Activity index. This is a number between 0 and 1 which helps you to make a quick overview of student's engagement.

If needed, a more detailed activity data are available for each student's login time.


Create Learning maps and engage your students with them in minutes.
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