We believe in...

  • Since its development, the Internet has changed the way we learn. More than ever, it has facilitated education by making knowledge available and/or accessible without any limitations.

    One could say that democratization of knowledge is taking place right in front of our eyes, where everybody can educate whoever wants to be educated. New learning content, carrying an extensive range of information, emerge on the Internet on a daily basis:

  • useful blog posts, videos, instructive games, etc. Learning content can thus be produced by anyone, since technology enables us to do just that.

    Edynco was developed for anybody who wishes to spread knowledge. Furthermore, from Educator's point of view, Edynco is a simple educational tool that enables quick knowledge to be shared with his/her learners in a visual way with an interactive Learning maps.

  • We believe that every Educator using Edynco and blended learning methods can provide his/her learners with an effective learning experiences. The implementation of blended learning methods and Edynco contribute greatly to a friendlier, more effective and learner centered educational approach.