It's a long story, but in short...



Our first steps in the field of e-learning date back in 2002, when we started developing simple e-books, which presented a different learning environment for our vocational college students. E-textbooks were basically classical textbooks turned into electronic form (PDF format) with basic interactive elements (links to additional explanation, dictionaries, etc.).

Virtual classroom or LMS 

Modest e-textbooks led to our own virtual classroom or LMS called »inter- school«. The latter was simplified by and enhanced with online quizzes, virtual library materials, forums, end of semester surveys, … . It also had a bulletin board providing all the necessary information about studies, electronic index, academic (activities) calendar,...

Online courses

In 2005, the availability and capacity of the Internet enabled us to offer enriched multimedia and interactive online courses (on different topics) to a wider group of learners. We developed a platform for creating / managing e-learning contents (LCMS) named MET. From 2005 to 2008 more than 2000 users.

Seeking of solution for the problem

Towards the end of 2008, the development of new online courses was put aside since it turned out to be too expensive and time consuming. The latter presented the biggest problem so we set out to find a suitable solution. In 2011, we established how to simplify the development of online courses; our goal was to develop a platform, where the author/teacher could individually build a simple course.

Our contribution to the development of (e)Learning

In 2012, we presented Edynco as a result of our experience with e-learning. Edynco is not an endless feature rich solution but with Subject matter expert or Teacher in mind, a toolbox for providing a modern educational ecosystem.