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Turn Mind maps into Learning maps and make interactive lessons.

Learning map - a special version of a Mind map

Designed for Teachers & Students



    Collect digital materials visually in one place and share with just one link.



    A built-in quiz tool enables assessment tightly connected with Learning map's topic.



    Track students' progress to find which student needs your help or praise.



    Do you have a virtual classroom (LMS)? Export Learning map from Edynco and import it to your LMS.

Use cases

  • Blended learning

    Learning maps as self-paced lessons help you blend your class easily.

  • Project-Based learning

    Students can research, learn and showcase their projects in form of a Learning map.

  • Presentations

    Learning map as a presentation tool bring dynamic presentations into your classroom.

Works anywhere

Edynco is cloud-based, meaning you can create Learning maps from your browser and students can explore the Maps on iPad, iPhone or on any other mobile device.


    A Learning map is the systematic integration of LEARNING OBJECTS which makes instructional design both easy and convenient.

    David Penrose, "the One Minute Professor"


    In recent years I tested many educational technologies with my students. Edynco is one of the most complete, interesting and easy to use tools that I've ever tried.

    Gianfranco Marini, High school Professor of history and philosophy


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