Reuse existing content

The basis for your Micro lecture can be PowerPoint or image files.

A built-in converter will prepare slides for recording your voice or video.

Import ppt files in Edynco Micro Lecture editor
Record voice narration or video with Edynco Micro Lecture editor

Record voice narration or video

Turn on the microphone or webcam within your browser and start recording your Micro lecture.

No software downloads. It just works!

For this Micro lecture we prepared a PowerPoint presentation, uploaded it into Edynco and finally recorded voice over the slides.
See the output.

Simple annotation tools

While recording, you can refocus students' attention on a particular part of the slide or just draw something.

All this actions are syncronized with your speech.

Simple annotation tools
Attach Micro lecture to the Learning Map

Attach it to Learning Map

Micro lecture can be easily attached to Learning Map where it becomes an integral part of your learning topic.

Export your Learning Map

Export to Moodle or other LMS

Export your Micro lecture from Edynco and import it into your prefered LMS.


Record your first Micro lecture in a few minutes. Signing up is fast and free.