How do educators use Learning maps?

For micro-learning

It is easier for the students to access the learning materials in several shorter episodes.

And Learning Map visual interface helps them to do this faster.

Especially on mobile devices.

Learning Map in online course

In recent years I tested many educational technologies with my students. Edynco is one of the most complete, interesting and easy to use tools that I ever tried.


Gianfranco Marini, High school Professor of history and philosophy


Edynco is a comprehensive, yet very user-friendly system for any tutor to use in their communication with students. Backed with the immediate responses from Edynco technical staff to any requests from clients it represents a unique product in its category.


Damir Novak, business trainer and coach


We were searching for a cloud based solution for different delivering of educational contents and for testing the students' understanding of it. Our requirements were: easy to use, flexible and aesthetic tool. So we found Edynco.


Petra Ilar, editor at PlanetGV, business training Ltd

Create Learning Maps and engage your students with them in minutes.

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Embed Learning Map to your blog post

Upload videos, create quizzes, ...

With Edynco you can create quizzes, upload videos, record short lectures and integrate all this in
Learning Map.

Edynco Private Groups

Private groups for collaboration

Share Learning Maps with your students in a secure online learning environment where Learning Maps get second dimension.


Export your Learning Map

Export to Moodle or other LMS

Your Learning Map is yours. Literally. Export it from Edynco and import it into your prefered LMS as a SCORM or TIN CAN package.