Over the last few years, interactive video lessons have gained popularity due to their effectiveness in improving students’ creativity and social aspect. Viewers can decide what happens next based on the actions of the actors and characters in the video. The storyline also helps demonstrate the critical thinking of students by allowing students to take different paths and thus, start discussions. Luckily, in the modern digital era, anyone can create interactive video lessons using readily available web tools. Some of the best web tools that you can use to create interactive video lessons include:


PlayPost is a popular Chrome and web-based interactive video and assessment tool that allows teachers to add interactive elements such as pauses and questions to streaming video content from popular sites such as Vimeo and YouTube. The tool can also work with other sites such as Shmoop, Teacher Tube and Google Drive videos, which is beneficial for schools that do not allow YouTube. PlayPosit has an inviting interface that lets you start making your videos immediately. The interface has three buttons that build questions, crop length and finish the bulb to ensure that you do not waste time trying to understand the tool. The tool enables students to rewind any part of the video but prevents them from skipping forward to sections they have not watched. The tool also makes it easy for teachers to track the use and performance of students within the embedded assessment items.


If you are looking for something that facilitates outside-the-box instruction, you will love what Screencastify offers. The tool is an easy-to-use Chrome browser extension that lets you record your voice, face and screen among others. To use the tool, you will need to locate in the Chrome toolbar. It gives you several video recording options that you can use as per your needs. You can record a single tab in your web browser, use your webcam to record, capture all screen activity, and insert a video of yourself. You can also use the available tools to draw, write, erase, restart, keep time and spotlight a section on the screen. You can also use the tool to play the audio you are recording. Once you complete your project, you can upload it to YouTube, GoogleDrive or locally in your Screencastify account.


Spiral is another popular educative tool that teachers use for a quick assessment, interactive video, flipped classroom activities and student collaboration. The tool lets you discuss an issue in-depth with students in real-time. The tool also features a team-up feature that lets you monitor the progress of your students as they create collaborative presentations about novels, current events and science topics. The feature lets you have control over your student presentations as you can easily view the contributor on your screen. You can also grade assignments individually or automatically and even check the understanding of the whole-class by viewing question-by-question statistics.


If you are looking for a web tool that can help you integrate web media into your classes, you will love the possibilities offered by Vialogues. With the Vialogues, you can upload popular content to gauge your students on critical thinking and ask and answer peer questions. Students can also use the tool to share their own content for peer feedback. With the tool, teachers can also direct students to a specific part of the video to prompt a discussion. The tool can also be used as a note-taking device for video lectures. Vialogues lets you add video from cloud storage, computer and streaming sites easily for annotating and discussing Web-based videos. The tool allows setting up of multiple moderators to delete/ edit comments.


If you are looking for web tools with advanced editing capability, you should consider WeVideo. The cloud-based editing site comes with many editing features and themes that you can add to your videos. Since it offers many editing features, the tool has an academy that is dedicated to helping users get familiar with how the program works through lesson ideas, tutorials and inspiration. The tool saves the projects online allowing students to continue from where they left off in school. It is ideal for small and large projects. Through the teacher’s dashboard, you can easily assign users to groups, add users, and see individual analytics. The tool has two editing modes that include storyboard and timeline. The storyboard is ideal for beginners, while the timeline is for experienced students looking for more features. The timeline editing mode allows students to add extra features like custom effects and fonts.


Edpuzzle is another popular intuitive video editor that allows teachers and students to add comments, voice-overs, resources, and quizzes to existing online videos. The tool offers more excellent choices for teachers as they can upload their own videos or search the extensive library to customize them with audio comments, voice-overs and embedded assessment questions.


Interactive video lessons help to make learning more entertaining and exciting as they put students in control. The use of interactive video lessons also helps to increase the concentration span of the students and thus, it is necessary to ensure the lessons are driven by stories that allow students to dig deeper into what they learn in class.